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  • Bounty of vegetables
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The Market Share Program

In the spirit of a CSA, the Atlas Farm Market Share Program strengthens the relationship between our farm and our Farm Store and farmers market customers. You support our farm operations by paying up-front for a bounty of certified organic produce and other regional farm products. We offer a 10-20% discount at sign-up — and a flexible farm share in the form of a swipe card, which can be used to purchase what you need, when you need it.

Do you want to use your $100 card to purchase 10 weeks of fresh vegetables from the farmers market? How about 100 pounds of canning tomatoes in August? Or 47 cups of hot coffee from the Farm Store? It’s totally up to you. The credit on your Market Share card will roll over from season to season, and you can renew at any time.

In addition to saving 10-20% at sign-up, members of the Market Share Program receive additional special discounts each week. We will also subscribe you to our e-newsletter — which features farm news, photos, and recipes — and invite you join us at the Farm Store and main farm for special events throughout the year.

You may purchase a Market Share card for any amount over $10, but to receive a discount at sign-up, you must select one of the following share sizes:

  • Small Share: $90 purchases a $100 card (10% discount)
  • Medium Share: $250 purchases a $300 card (16% discount)
  • Large Share: $500 purchases a $625 card (20% discount)

You can sign up for the Market Share Program in person at the Atlas Farm Store or one of our farmers market locations, or by using the online store on this page (accessible below by clicking "I agree to the market share policies").

    Questions? Read our Market Share FAQ or email us.

Purchase or Renew a Market Share

Use our online store to purchase or renew an Atlas Farm Market Share. If you are purchasing a new Market Share, you may choose whether to receive a physical card in the mail, or an email card (which we will transfer to a physical card at the Farm Store or farmers market). If you select the physical card option, please allow 3-8 business days for processing and shipping.

Please read the Market Share policies before signing up. After you have reviewed the policies, click the button below to indicate your agreement and access the online store.

I agree to the Market Share policies.